Atak Posterarchief

Act: Bacterie

Basic Grooves: Olaf, Richard, Dwars, Bacterie, Dr. Anders, Fusion, Joris, Inque

Donderdag 23 uur Catacombe Basic Grooves dance party's

Maart Agenda: Pungent Stench, Gorefest, Asrai, The Accused, Jester Beast, Bacterie, Dr. Alimentado, Tai Pan, Dano, Icegang, Jingo The Lunch, Jamathama, Mc Avity's Cat, Rene, Ronnie

Dansuh in April: Baba Latif, Paul, Joop, Egbert, Reinn, Joost van Bellen, Bacterie, Rene, Karel

Disco Afrique The Three...

Mei Agenda: Quazar, Pilgrims, Lunachicks, Sultans Of Ping FC, Hans Theesink, Riders On The Storm, Baba Latif, Bacterie, Arti Parti Power, Fear Factory, Deviate, Moving Targets, Blue Star

Maandprogramma mei 1993

Consolidated, Bacterie

Zaterdag 7 september Afterparty with mc bacterie

Ween, Miniature Horses, Bacterie

Zaterdag 26 oktober Afterweensaturdaynightfeverparty...

November agenda: Nomads, The Indians, The Dove Music Group, K-Creative, Bacterie, Love Battery, Giant Family, Karel, Rene, Nobo's Blues Band, My Dying Bride, At The Gates, Gore, Des Furies, Maxim, Mndee, Alice Donut, BEP, Joop, Paul, Robert

Maandprogramma november Traditionele muziek uit...

April agenda: Mc Avity's Cat, Eddy de Clerq, Monster Magnet, Sister Double Happiness, Vonk, Trancelators, Godflesh, Slagerij van Kampen, Gordon, Wild Child, Suffocation, Atheist, Sinister, Orchestre d'Or, Bacterie, Victims Family, Mauser FK, Fratsen, Kikkerspuug, De Kift, Knolcyperus, Moiwa, Imperium, East Side Underground, Mowaïsda

Maandprogramma April

Nacht van Atak: Bacterie

Vrijdag 12 juni